personal to Jochen Dullenkopf


  • Jochen Dullenkopf
  • 1978 Born in Biberach and raised
  • 2013 nach Reute bei Biberach gezogen


I'm going to have the best Search Engine Optimization as mentors in the fortunate position. since 2016 I am a member of SEO working group in the US. There we have the experience of well over 10000 Web pages. Wöchentlich tauschen wir Strategien, Experience and knowledge of “Website optimization for search engines” out, even several times a week. We are always up to date what Google, Bing and Yahoo is just important and how this must be placed most effectively to our clients to ensure the highest level of success.

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Durch die wöchentliche Arbeit mit den Weltbesten kann ich Projekte umsetzen die für viele SEO Agenturen nicht darstellbar sind.


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