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To this 5 Things to look out for in the description for Google


Besides the pure optimization of content and your website itself, there is also a another aspect of SEO, which is often overlooked, especially with beginners: The Meta Description. In this you define just for Google, the text to be displayed below the link in search results. You should be aware of some things.

Meta title and meta description on Google using keywords for SEO

  1. The right length

Especially important for the proper optimization of a good meta description is the optimal length. Because Google defined for the display of this content only a certain area, can be used. This was exactly 156 characters, which is why the description of this amount also should not be exceeded. since the end 2017 the possibility of meta description was expanded. Now you is much more space Verfüg this you should also use!

Is your Meta Description longer cuts it in the Google results with (…) from.

If Google does not like your meta description is the largest search engine searches intrinsically geeignten text from your content and uses these…


  1. Each underside should have a unique description

What is often overlooked in the Meta Description, is that it should not generally be defined for a website, but separately for all subpages. Why the sense Surrender? Because there is on virtually any bottom of your website probably different content, which should be the best possible way touched by the description. This sounds at first glance like a lot of effort, but worthwhile in the long run, because the meta description contributes significantly to the click-through rate of your website on Google.

Search Description catch attention & triggers

Now we come into the description. There is of course one main goal to achieve: The Awakening of the attention of the reader. It must be quickly realized, why your website is the best possible for the user and it should therefore click this. Very supportive effect here symbols, which can be used to trigger the user subconsciously and attract his attention.


  1. Keywords accommodate

Of course, the meta description is also a sign of Google, The search engine displays, how relevant your content for the searched keyword is. In addition to the content of the page, the backlinks and other factors will therefore enter description in the ranking of your Meta. For this reason, the meta description should in any case Fokus-Keyword contain their contents, so your site in the search results for that word appears.


  1. best outline the content

Now the content of the Meta is next to the triggering of course important description. They eventually want to not only, that your reader perceives you on Google, but that it keeps your result for best. Thus, you should focus on also, that the meta description of the contents of the page, it is linked to, best summarizes briefly. Here no false promises should be made, because the user returns within a few seconds on Google back, does this affect your negative Google Ranking.


Summary Description of Meta

Above all, who is not particularly well versed in search engine optimization, the importance of meta description will not know may. With little effort to inform the search engine in the description with, what exactly you want to share and what content the user expects. Optimize your description so right, becomes Google consider your site more positive in the search results.