Search Engine Optimization in Biberach

…how to be found on Google immediately and
635% more visitors to
get YOUR website…
– in just 90 meet-

!! Our seven-System !!
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What makes YOU SEO-
what ever means SEO ?!

Search the Internet via different search engines.

SEO = SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
= Optimization for search engines.

The largest and most important is Google, with more than 90% market share.

The aim of any SEO strategy is, that Your website will appear first.

To achieve this required countless small steps….

One must make unmistakably clear Google of what your page is.

Google can perfectly calculate when their web page is displayed first.

As an an example, if you are looking for a user searches for hiking boots, would like to get any Wanderrucksäcke displayed…

Google must be calculated for each search term, which result is the best for this search term.

Optimization should always include all possibilities and exploit…

SEO on your website

On your side the foundations are laid for successful search engine optimization.
The success is in the details!

virtual guide
to your website

The more virtual signs be placed to your website, the better you find prospects. The search engines pay attention to you!

long-term advertising effectiveness = SEO

With good SEO, you build a trusting relationship with Google on. The reward is in a top position on Google.
To achieve this you need expertise in Search Engine Optimization!

My 3-year odyssey for SEO Experts

When I before 3 Years have started to sell the first goods online, I did not think about strategic marketing plan, Social Media, Search engine optimization and customer acquisition…

Anyone who has a website also sells, I thought…

With the word SEO -and was wanted- I start anything. Heard the term I found stupid.

So naturally remained in sales and customer… I was a rather worse than right online retailer.
But I wanted to get ahead….

Later I learned my mentor and coach, Bob Proctor, know. He gave me a special course for SEO recommended.

As always, I listened to Bob and I booked the course, without knowing exactly what to expect because.
After the first two hours I had about 200 “AHA Moments”. has since SEO and online marketing pulled me under its spell.
Only when one is dealt in detail with optimization for search engines clearly how powerful this form of marketing is actually!

In this course, five of the world's top SEO businessman showing step by step how sustainable and clean Search Engine optimization looks. There flow the experience from over 11.000 Web pages with a. Daily updated knowledge, how to sustainably in Google “rankt”.
We notice Google Updates even before they are public.

Many years of experience does not count anymore.

Today, an expert on search engine optimization must be updated daily and innovative!

Do not you think, that is a priceless In knowledge is.

A knowledge advantage of YOU bring money becomes!!

Our 7 stage system for top Google rankings

seven stage process for sustainable ranking on Google
  • 1. Optimize your website

    On your side must for Google be clear on what is the side. they are talking about “onpage optimization”! This includes the internal link, label images, old texts, Ankertext, URL Structure

  • 2. build trust in your website

    The largest search engine in the world is very careful to deliver only high-quality search results. Here and is selected sorgfälig who appears who does not. Only if Google enough trust your site has you can also expect top positions!

  • 3. Power for your online presence

    Once Google finds, that you “powerful friends ” have you are automatically listed earlier. If links from trusted sites point to your website, you are classified as trustworthy automatically!

  • 4. Mobil is King

    In recent years, a clear increase in the mobile searches recorded. Google rewards sites with good ranking for the mobile is optimized.

  • 5. Video Marketing

    You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world! This possibility must remain unused under any circumstances!

  • 6. select search terms correctly

    Before any SEO campaign needs a Optimization of search terms (Keywords) be durchgefürht. Only if you go for the right keywords (Money-keywords) be found to get the best customers to your website!
    If you sell car parts you need no one is looking for socks…

    is the question:
    Which search terms bring customers- the buy YOUR products or services!!

  • 7. up signs to you

    The core:
    Just like your home address and Google must know where to find you virtual and what is to be found there.
    The more signs be installed to your house, the easier it can be found.
    Become better found when placing an advertising sign or 1000 Signs throughout the region…? Exactly the same happens in the Internet. Here is the language of link Building!

SEO Testimonial – Melanie Maier
SEO Testimonial
SEo success
project completed

3 Reasons why SEO
can not ignore under any circumstances!!

  • 1. Do not give money!

    If you in on the search screen Google, Bing or Yahoo not play up front, lose willing to buy customers to your competitors.

    You give away money.

    In this day and age every user wants in a split second the 100% presented matching result.
    This is also the claim of search engines.
    Studies have shown, that the Top Position bei Google as 60% all clicks receives, the runner-up only ca. 15%!

    Claiming the top spots, increase your revenue and strengthen your Markstsegmet!

    Cash Course 1
    in the search engines
    otherwise you strengthen your competitors!

  • Image is labeled the best ROI, lose no money, dominate your market, Optimization for search engines
  • 2. Their market dominating

    Will you perceived as an important brand and thus increase your market value and sales market.

    Dominate Your Niche!

    Enter in your market segment set the pace.
    From this position, it can expand more easily!

  • 3. Best ROI

    No other marketing strategy achieved so perfektes Return on Investmet as Search Engine optimization.

    The Web page is displayed positions at no additional expense on top.
    Many Google users prefer to click on a course listed website to a Advertisement Google Adwords.

Set your expectations high on!!

measurable success

Jochen Dullenkopf you get measurable success.
No vague statements and promises. Do not take our word.
We deliver demonstrable results!


All our steps transparent and comprehensible.

We rely on grassroots, Upper Swabian workmanship!

If you have questions you would come to us!

contact person

We are You personally!
If you have questions or requests you can use our SEO Agency Jochen Dullenkopf please contact. We take the time to inspire you as a client!

Always up to date

Jochen Dullenkopf is a member of some Mastermind Groups.
daily exchange with the world's best SEO's is of course the challenge THE knowledge advantage for YOUR success!!

Social Media

We have a strong focus on the social networks. Our service includes checking your existing social media Profile. A necessary optimization we take over for you.

SEO evaluation of a client Review SEO Biberach
Mr. Dullenkopf helped me the to significantly improve visibility of my company to Google! I like to recommend More, thanks for the pleasant cooperation!

weekly reports

As a client you will receive a weekly keyword report, so you can accurately follow up where you stand straight.

Content & links

We take your texts under the microscope and are able to, if necessary, to the Your customers' needs customize and search engine!

Analysis of your competitors

We take your competitors us exactly before. In order to to overtake competitors We need to know exactly where they stand and what steps are needed to.

Individual offer

Each project is different and must individually rated become. In order to achieve the best possible results there with us no packages Offers. Contact the Search engine optimization team for more information!


For your projects, we can after consultation with you like the Post sales texts, optimized for your needs. Optimally prepared for customers and search engines!

Clients Review SEO
Search Engine review

(Translated by Google) Jochen is a real SEO expert. He really helped me, to increase my website presence, increased traffic and visibility. Definitely recommended!

Video recommendation of a client for Dullenkopf SEO

Measurable and verifiable results

Bei Dullenkopf SEO & Internet Marketing you get measurable and verifiable results.

We use 8-10 different software programs to to realize every customer and document.
Jochen Dullenkopf has more than 4000 SEO hours studying strategies and is active daily as search engine optimizers!

– Satisfied clients are our engine –

Whether you want to entwine a video, bring your online shop in motion, want to sell goods or sell your services increased – we make the customer!

Let us know how we can help you.
We work a solution according to your wishes and ideas!

Are you going now the first step to become more visible in the search engines.
Click here for our SEO Inquiry.

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