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6 SEO Tips to Know (Before You Hire an SEO – to do SEO on Your Website)

These days various service-based companies offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Only limited companies are able to provide genuine services whereas as 80% of them are usually fake. It is becoming very difficult to find an excellent SEO service as more people are getting into the online SEO selling sector. Many many numbers of websites are being created every day with an aim of being on the top 10 websites in Google and also existing websites are always usually working hard in order rank their website in the top 10 somewhere.

In this competitive market, small business and startup companies should be very much aware of choosing SEO service companies. Well to help with that, you can check out the tips listed below before investing your dollar into SEO companies. These are great tips to follow and adhere to when purchasing SEO services or hiring an SEO agent/company. To avoid getting burned or making mistakes.

choose the right SEO for your project1) Always Ask For a Case Study

Experienced SEO experts usually provide you with all details of your business including weaknesses and strengths of your business/site. They will also compare your business/site with others making you realize what lacks in your business/site. Thus, never be afraid to ask for a case study because these reports will help you to understand better what exactly it is they’ll be doing for you. Be sure to get an SEO Analysis for your business!

2) Check Reviews and Customer Ratings

As like any other business you need check out the customer satisfaction rate and quality of a service before you use it. So ask for a detail of their client’s website if at all possible. Also, you could then message their previous client on the side to ask them what they thought of the work that the company or individual did for them to find how their service really is.

3) Check, & Select First

Before hiring any SEO company, do a lot of research about their service rather than just hiring one randomly. Even if it’s the first one that comes up in your search, it doesn’t mean they will be the best least of all the most perfect and right choice for you. Although it can be time taking, it’s worth it in the long run as this extra time will help you find the one that is.

4) Be Sure of The Plan

Before hiring any SEO provider or SEO services, always check out how the SEO agency/firm/business/company or individual etc create marketing plans for your business. Some consultants are excellent at web designing whereas others may be great at doing SEO only. Others may have link building strategies and all sorts of things they can do for you. You just need to know what they are before they do them.

5) Be Aware of Pricing

There are a lot of services provided by self-claimed SEO professionals/experts today that have their own services and prices to each. It should always be up to the client what kind of services they want and clients usually choose what is best for them. Ask about pricing before taking their services about SEO audit, web design, web copywriting services, content management system, and so on so that you know how much your final bill or invoice is going to be and not get hit with a surprise bill!

6) Ask for Referrals

You can go through the top 10 SEO companies and check whether you can afford them or not (provided they are transparent in their services and prices on their site). If you can afford it that’s good! Although if you cannot afford it you may have to find other SEO companies that can do it for you based on your budget. The only thing here is usually, the less you pay, the less good the work is.

more Traffic with Search engine optimizationConclusion

If you’re brand new to being a webmaster and know that you and your site needs SEO to rank higher, which can be a good thing. Then you’ll want to follow these simple tips to help you not only find the best and most right SEO provider for you and your site, but also know what to know and ask before you actually hire someone and pay them. Just remember, before signing an SEO contract read it carefully. This is a simple business practice and common sense really but some SEO’s can be shady and hit you with a big bill at the end of it which you can’t get out of because you’ve signed a contract for it.

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