10 Great SEO Tips To Put Your Site On The First Page Of Google

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10 Great SEO Tips To Put Your Site On The First Page Of Google

Everyone wants to make their site in Google’s Top 10. Therefore, they do all sorts of SEO tips and techniques and listening to the company of SEO professionals. The problem with this approach is that they make changes in design and site structure because they don’t take the advice of SEO experts. This is not the correct approach.

When you want your site to appear in Google in the Top 10, you have to follow some standard SEO techniques that will not only increase your SERP ranking positions but also improve your site too. Therefore, by following the tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), naturally, your site will have a better chance to be up in the Top 10 of Google.

Guide 1: Research a Great Niche/Market:

Even when it is super micro niche, no problem. You have to evolve as an expert in your field. People will trust your site more when you become a boss in your niche market. That happens by posting expert articles to your site related to your niche so that people can see them, read them, and then know that you’re an expert in your niche. No matter how micro it is.

Guide 2: SEO Friendly Design

Plan your site in accordance with the guidelines of Google if you want to rank higher in its Search Engine. Your site should be easily crawled by search engine robots. Adding a sitemap will make it easier because everything is crawled by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing in a format that sitemaps make it easy for them to read.

Tip 3: Mini Searches

It’s recommended to do mini searches on your chosen niche, such as information about your competitors, information about the niche etc. This will increase your knowledge of the subject and also your authority on it too. Doing mini searches is simply just searches you do to find out about your niche, your niches market, your targeted audience and of course, your competitors too.


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Guide 4: Keyword Research

Do efficient keyword research. Don’t look for the most searched keywords. Because these have very strong competition, don’t avoid them completely, but generally, try to stay away from spending too much time and money on targeting competitive keywords. Always target long tail keywords though because they have little competition and are more specific. Keyword research can be the most difficult step in the development of your site in the SERPs today. So you have to be efficient and effective at it. Get help with keyword research and it will make it a lot easier.

Guide 5: Use Unique Content

Do not copy the contents of another site to yours. Ever! That’s just a big NO NO! Only ever use your own language and fresh unique content. Make it more refreshing and interesting for visitors. This will help you get more traffic and better rankings. Either rewrite it yourself or get someone else to rewrite it for you!


Guide 6: Submit To Directories

Submit your site into directories that are SEO friendly and authority to gain some value and authority in the SERP’s. Although there is controversy about the presentation of paid directories, paid directories such as Google. Be sure to read the guidelines before submitting your site to a directory and only submit to the correct, most related categories you can.

Guide 7: Submission of Articles

Write articles about your topic and send it to article directories such as EzineArticles etc. While they don’t have as much weight as they used to, if done right, they still are a useful resource to build contextual, in-content backlinks from. If your article is very informative, many webmasters will use this article and put it on their own site (provided they include your links).

Guide 8: Add Content That’s Refreshing

The blog is a very effective tool to add a refreshing content to the site. Google likes sites that are constantly updated with content that is informative and of good quality. Therefore, your visitors will return again and again as they come to expect the information to be more reliable and impartial from you compared to other sites as long as you keep that up.

Guide 9: Promote Your Website Online and Offline

Don’t think that offline promotion is a waste of time. You will want to combine both online and offline promotion methods. All promotional activities must have a natural appearance. Either Google or other search engines say so. Besides everyone likes natural things. Work out ways to promote your site offline as well even if it’s flyer posting or business cards left in shop windows.

Guide 10: Learn More About Search Engine Optimization

As I said before, you must apply SEO techniques that you learn of to make them be beneficial to your site. But make sure you always only using the latest and best SEO methods. This will help your site to rank higher and avoid you wasting time on things that don’t work. Always make sure to make SEO work by using the recommended SEO tips and guides from the pros. This will prevent you from doing SEO that doesn’t work and wasting your time!

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